About Us


Energy and environment friendly kilns, supported with automatic & semi-automatic machines is main feature of our production line , delivering around 75000 pieces daily to its customers.
A state of art laboratory with team of dedicated professionals always keep a vigil on quality and cost of our manufacturing. A modern in house studio with a team of designers keeps fashion alive from product to packaging. Integrating its facilities downwards , company has its own Decal/ Transfer printing unit and thermocal box manufacturing unit, giving a edge over other manufacturers.

The Product

Bone china is a type of Ceramic body first developed in Britain and it is characterised by high whiteness, translucency and strength. Production usually involves a two stage firing where the first, bisque, is without a glaze at 1280 C (2336 F), which gives a translucent product and then glaze, or glost, fired at a lower temperature below 1080 C (1976 F).
Pure white double fired body combined with a brilliant super hard glaze is main feature of our all products, also product is-
Highly chip resistant and Durable
Microwave and oven safe
Dishwasher safe
Lead and Cadnium free

The Range

Broadly range is divided in two Segments, Household and Hospitality.
Herewith presenting a complete rang designed exculsively for hotels and resaurants for maximum functionlity combined with vibrant yet elegant look,
a stylish collection in a range of complementary designs which can be mix and match to create perfect setting to suit every mood and occasion.

The Market

A dedicated network of nearly One hundred distributors and further the wide spread retail outlets all over the country caters the demand of Jaipur Ceramics products. The suitable policy is practiced to ensure the value for money and to match the market sophistication.. A separate team of officers handles the hotels and institutional business and proper follow-up is done with the prospective customers and after sales follow-up is carried out for the entire satisfaction of customers.